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Traffic Spikes Secure Lane
Manual Swing Barrier Arm Gates​ 
Model SL-SG (Secure Lane Swing Gate)

Manual Swing Barrier Arm Gates

Affordable & Easy to Install 

​Secure your road way with an easy to install manual swing gate from Secure Lane today.

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Available in 9', 11', 15', 17' and 23'. Achieve wide lane coverage by using two gates in a bi-parting configuration. Gates 15 feet and longer come standard with the cable truss support.

Manual Swing Barrier Arm Gates are a smart, easy and affordable way to secure a roadway!

Manual Swing Barrier Arm Gates can be used in rural, residential, commercial, military and forestry applications.

  • Double or Single Swing.
  • Easy to Install.  
  • Barrier arm sections are in 6 foot or 4-foot-long sections that connect via an internal sleeve.  
  • Surface mounted model. 
  • Receiver posts accept your padlock or pin lock to secure in the open/closed position.