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Traffic Spikes Secure Lane
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Photos of Traffic Spikes
King Cobra Traffic Spikes

SURFACE MOUNTED TRAFFIC SPIKES ARE easiest to Install.  Simply adhere to asphalt or concrete road way with our 2 part epoxy. May also be bolted to concrete road way.

In Ground/Flush Mounted Traffic Spikes are installed at the grade surface of the road way, creating smooth passage and optimal clearance for low profile vehicles.  Speed Bumps are always recommended to slow vehicle speed to the mandatory 5 MPH when crossing traffic control spikes.
In Ground Flush Mounted Traffic Spike Section 
How to Install Traffic Control Spikes
Road Blade Tiger Teeth
Road Blade Tiger Teeth
Cobra Traffic Spikes
Cobra Traffic Spikes
Cobra Traffic Spikes
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Road Blade - Tiger Teeth
COBRA Traffic Spikes
COBRA Traffic Spikes
COBRA Traffic Spikes
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